New Canine Agility Project Added to Disaster City 

Canine agility training propA new project at Disaster City® is receiving a two-paws up from canine search and rescue teams! TEEX is redesigning “kid-sized” playground equipment, like slides, tubes and rope ladders, into canine agility training features. The tube slide becomes horizontal; ropes and wire ladders become bridges; and several additional towers allow the teams to add planks, ladders and other agility features between them. When completed, this prop will further enhance the reputation of Disaster City as a premier training facility for search and rescue canines, said Susann Brown, K9 Training Manager with TEEX Disaster Preparedness & Response.

Canine agility training prop“What's special about Disaster City for canine training is the variety of props (concrete and wood rubble, buildings, and trains), the quality of the props and the close proximity of them,” Brown added. “Canine teams that train here are able to challenge their skills by searching in realistic disaster settings and to move from training site to training site without wasting time.  We often hear that teams get more training in one day here than they get in months elsewhere.”  Many of the certified canine teams in the FEMA Urban Search & Rescue system have trained in Disaster City, she said.

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